Missing Credits!!! READ THIS!!!!

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17-06-2007 17:09:18

All offer completions are now in!

So if you do not have credit still please file a proper manual request by tomorrow so i can send it off tomorrow. I don't know how much longer my affiliates will allow manual credits so please file soon.

A proper manual credit means you include the full headers (not the from/to part). If you dont know what headers are go here

You must also include the actual email text.

I will also have all pending manuals from before today processed by the end of next week. I hate to say it but about 75% are going to be denied.


17-06-2007 19:29:52

75% will be denied (


17-06-2007 22:14:28

[quotee9312e6287="Gentoon"]75% will be denied ([/quotee9312e6287]

Most of the company I used are no longer accepting incentive sites or leads. So all leads are being denied by these companies.

As much as I hate denied manuals since I trust most of my customers legitimately did the offers, I have so far had ZERO reversals, and this is a very good thing. Some of these publishers are revoking all leads including valid ones.


17-06-2007 23:32:08

Hopefully 75% really don't get denied. As much as I hope they won't it will probably be higher than 75% =/


18-06-2007 11:06:36

I got my credit! 2dollardeal is the best! ;)