where are all the offers on zerodollardeal?

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05-06-2007 11:45:48

did a bunch go poof or is it just me?


05-06-2007 13:15:55

[quote815d5830f1="tinkerjenn"]did a bunch go poof or is it just me?[/quote815d5830f1]

I pulled all the email submit offers (around 60 of them) because they are only crediting about 10 % of the time. I was getting swamped with 1000's of non credit reports and manuals are impossible for them.

So back up to about 50 offers and going to add another 50 this week. I am trying to make sure the offers credit more often then not since manuals on most are not allowed by the publishers.


05-06-2007 13:58:31

okie dokie )