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16-05-2007 10:59:23


I hate to say this but my site is pretty much shut down until Friday.

Yesterday my internet went down until Friday. So today I went to local coffee house to answer support tickets and check on offer completions.

Well found out today my admin panel is down on my side of the script. So I cant even do the littlest amount of work until it is fixed. With my internet gone communication with the script designer is pretty much down as well.

So please everyone be patient and everything should be back up to speed on Friday.


17-05-2007 11:48:44

Ok just got back online and got admin panel fixed D .

So please everyone be patient, as I have 3 days to catch up on. Will try to have everyone credited and all support tickets answered tonight.


17-05-2007 14:17:19



21-05-2007 14:52:54

Glad I saw your post, I was starting to wonder since I hadn't heard anything about my credit request. Thanks!


25-05-2007 00:00:35

I'm still getting the 404 error, just an FYI.


27-05-2007 10:24:01

[quote45ec52014a="Sweetmama"]Looks like they never really fixed it after all, see my other post.[/quote45ec52014a]

It has been fixed and all support tickets have been answered a while back. All support tickets should be back to a couple of hours for a response.

All manuals go out as soon as allowed by the publisher.