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30-03-2007 20:06:36

So to introduce my newest site in the Dollar Deal network I decided another promotion was needed. Our no credit card required site.

---> It has over 100+ offers to choose from ).
--->Most offers should credit in 24 hours or less. Please note though I do not allow manual credit on any of these offers.
--->Accounts are approved in 3-7 days depending on the # of referrals.
--->I pay on the 5th and 20th of every month. Place order by 15th get paid on 5th, place order from 16th to 1st and get paid on the 20th.
--->I offer AIM support and can be reached at twodollardeal.

Now on to the promotion ) and the rules (.

1. The first 10 members who join un-referred and meet the offer requirements will be added to a raffle.
2. Once you go green you must post in this thread. The first 10 to do so will be entered in the raffle.
3.You must be a member in good standings on this forum. I have posted this on 4 other forums so if you miss out on one try another ).
4.The promotion will end when we reach 10 members
5.The drawing will be held soon after that ).

That's it ) so now what can you win?

5 winners will be chosen at random in my magic fishbowl of luck and win the following.

1st place A $100 visa gift card
2nd Place A $50 visa gift card
3rd - 5th place A $25 visa gift card

So try join up and earn yourself a 50/50 chance of winning a credit card (prepaid of course).


31-03-2007 19:15:08

Wow, new sites lookin great! You may have to complete alot of offers, but atleast its something new and actually pays out a great amount. Plus its alot of surveys and what not, you don't have to give out your SSN if you don't want to.

I'm mainly doing it for the promo, cant turn up a free entry into a raffle like that =D


31-03-2007 19:42:00

Hey was wondering how many credits is a Green


31-03-2007 21:08:00



12-04-2007 14:31:44

Ok, is there something wrong with offers being credited? I've done about 10 offers so for and only 2 have been credited /


12-04-2007 21:59:21

[quote2b6fe6c5c5="shakamd"]Ok, is there something wrong with offers being credited? I've done about 10 offers so for and only 2 have been credited /[/quote2b6fe6c5c5]

PM me your account email and the offer missing an will look into.

That being said, no credit card required offers are notorious for not crediting. That is why I add more daily, If I see one isn't crediting it will be removed.


13-04-2007 07:39:31

Signed up. Will let you know as soon as I'm green.

Hope I win...............



13-04-2007 07:53:57

signed up!


17-04-2007 17:06:45

I've been signed up since the first night......hope I win = )


17-04-2007 21:46:03

[quote23a9ceb02b="csullivan1@rochester.rr.c"]I've been signed up since the first night......hope I win = )[/quote23a9ceb02b]

Have to be green to count )

As soon as sites come back up though you will be and will update list.


18-04-2007 08:05:33

I tried to register and got the following

Warning session_start() [function.session-start] Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent by (output started at /home/zerodoll/public_html/smarty/templates_c/%%F7^F7F^F7F34188%%header.tpl.php9) in /home/zerodoll/public_html/includes/ on line 245

Warning session_start() [function.session-start] Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/zerodoll/public_html/smarty/templates_c/%%F7^F7F^F7F34188%%header.tpl.php9) in /home/zerodoll/public_html/includes/ on line 245

Warning Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/zerodoll/public_html/smarty/templates_c/%%F7^F7F^F7F34188%%header.tpl.php9) in /home/zerodoll/public_html/includes/ on line 268

Any help? You can pm me if you would like.


18-04-2007 08:08:37

I tried to log in and got the same error


18-04-2007 09:43:58

It should be working now )


21-04-2007 08:05:55



10-05-2007 11:50:47

This still going on?


10-05-2007 12:48:30

[quote4dd3dae2ae="Excel"]This still going on?[/quote4dd3dae2ae]

Geez I hope so....I spent awhile trying to get my green on this site 8)


11-05-2007 09:48:03

Im always a day late and a dollar short. (or in this case 2dollars)


11-05-2007 10:09:55

[quote13ddbc70fc="csullivan1@rochester.rr.c"][quote13ddbc70fc="Excel"]This still going on?[/quote13ddbc70fc]

Geez I hope so....I spent awhile trying to get my green on this site 8)[/quote13ddbc70fc]

Yes I will update and modify tonight to end sooner.


11-05-2007 10:15:38

I still need 3 credits (


12-05-2007 13:22:01

I'm not in good standing on the forums so I can't be in the raffle, right?


31-05-2007 08:15:45

What's the deal with this one?? Still going on or did we give up? Hehe I hope it's still going on!!!!


08-06-2007 19:16:36

Hi everyone )

I apologize for delaying this raffle promotion. So decided to end, revamp and improve.

We have 21 entries from all the forums and combined them all into one master list.

I added a few prizes as well. So now it will have 21 prizes worth $600. So everyone is a winner, as follows --->

$100 - ZDD-3371
$100 - ZDD-2050
$50 - ZDD-2583
$50 - ZDD-3286
$50 - ZDD-3495
$25 - ZDD-2470
$25 - ZDD-3455
$25 - ZDD-3462
$25 - ZDD-2821
$25 - ZDD-3342
$25 - ZDD-3236
$10 - ZDD-3512
$10 - ZDD-3463
$10 - ZDD-3419
$10 - ZDD-3412
$10 - ZDD-3561
$10 - ZDD-3299
$10 - ZDD-2162
$10 - ZDD-3594
$10 - ZDD-3579
$10 ZDD-3596

So if you are the owner of the account listed above send in a support ticket with your Paypal address and payments will go out each Monday until everyone is paid.

Also don't forget we have the highest payouts for the cheapest on all my sites. Plus on ZeroDollarDeal you can complete the site unlimited # of times and never have to do another offer.

This is the 3rd free promotion the 2DollarDeal network has had this year. Who else GIVES away free money like me?


08-06-2007 19:23:02

Awww man. I never win (


18-06-2007 15:43:58



26-06-2007 10:17:23

What happened to the payouts??


26-06-2007 14:24:38

[quote062e2d0cb1="csullivan1@rochester.rr.c"]What happened to the payouts??[/quote062e2d0cb1]

For some reason I ma having serious script issues with this site, but should be fixed this week. For some reason it isnt linking wiht my main site so a lot of info isnt being carried over.