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05-03-2007 07:37:59

I am wanting to get started getting refs instead of doing them for other people. When I log into the paypal 2 dollar website, am I linked to anyone else that I have done referrals for. Thank You!


05-03-2007 08:56:27

If you log into an account that you did as a referral for someone then yes you are linked to someone else. If you just sign up after going to the site then no, you are not linked to anyone.


05-03-2007 08:58:44

Hey Denise,

Log in as you would and it will be under the link of the person you completed for. What you do is give people the link that shows up under where it says you have 1 credit and that is your link. Then you can get their referrals with that link. You will notice that the number you sign in on is different than the one under your credit information.


05-03-2007 09:02:11

Oh, I think I may have misunderstood the question.


05-03-2007 09:16:57

Thank you D I think I understand.


05-03-2007 10:55:24

I wasn't sure what the question was but seems Harley_Girl answered it for you ).