Manual Credit Question

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02-03-2007 06:10:11

My last ref for the paypal site needed to submit for a manual credit. she told me that her support ticket response said that the confirmation email she rec'd is automated AS SOON AS THE PUBLISHER APPROVES ME JOINING i will be credited.

What exactly does that mean? And how long does that usually take?


02-03-2007 08:24:03

At this time I do not have automated replies to support tickets. ? This user has not filed for manual credit. She has asked why her offer hasn't credited yet 12 times in last 8 hours. As I told her when credit is approved by my publisher she will be credited.


02-03-2007 08:53:33

Hmm. . . I thought she said that she understood how to file for a manual credit. I guess I'll explain that to her.