W-9 Form needed for $600 Giftcard?

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01-03-2007 12:23:21

The title says it all. Will we need to fill out a W-9 form for a $600 giftcard? I only ask because I think that's the cutoff for freebie sites and am wondering if I can avoid it by doing one $600 giftcard site.


01-03-2007 12:43:53

If you ask she will probably give you a giftcard for $599. If you hit 600 then you have to will out a W-9. I already hit $550 on the sites so I am stopping because I don't want to fill out a W-9.


02-03-2007 06:08:15

I dont' mind filling out a W-9 but I wouldn't mind sending her one early so i don't have to wait at all. I plan on doing a bunch of sites and gettting over 600 anyway.

Note the word plan. LOL


02-03-2007 08:20:02

Yes you could request $599 to prevent a W9.