Wow, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site!!!!!!

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23-02-2007 15:21:24

I got three, yes count them THREE[/size7d1281ad0b] gifts today from Mikhail at $2 Deals!!! See below for the proof.

I love these sites. She's the best and easiest to work with!

unknown uchiha

23-02-2007 15:26:20



23-02-2007 15:30:22

I actually love the Ban avatar!!!

Hey, get this, a Nigerian scammer attempted to scam me but I was one step ahead of him. Busted!!!!!

unknown uchiha

23-02-2007 15:54:43

Good going! If you work at it, you can get those lads (Nigerian scammers) to take a variety of funky photos for you. Someone even got a lad to take a picture of him with a bucket on his head, holding two big fire sticks, laptop hanging from his penis, and jumping over fire- all in the same photo!


23-02-2007 20:12:03

Congratulations Harley_girl1963 I can't wait till your next proof pics ).


26-02-2007 11:25:05

Nice payout! i love the freebie world )


26-02-2007 18:06:30

[quote38cbe93e33="findme"]Nice payout! i love the freebie world )[/quote38cbe93e33]

Proper etiquette would be for you to remove your signature if your going to post in my sub-forum.

Or are you just posting to advertise your site?


27-03-2007 19:08:16

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