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10-02-2007 07:06:44

I just need to let everyone know that I have had nothing but over-the-top experience with this network. The whole concept is amazing.....where else can you be guaranteed to only have to pay $2 to complete your offer requirements? And the prizes....for only having to pay $2, seem top notch to me!! AND THEN THERE'S THE CUSTOMER SUPPORT!!!!! Admin on this network has helped me out several times and done thing for me that I wasn't really expecting to get done. I was always taught that it doesn't hurt to ask, and asking admin on 2dollardeals more often than not has gotten me a YES. And FAST....SUPER FAST. I always see her on AIM and if she's not on AIM, she's answered my support tickets within a few hours at most. I definitely thumbs up a million times to this network!!!! And when can we bump up her rating???