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08-02-2007 09:29:39

Here is a general guide on how to almost 100% guarantee that you will get credit for any offers you complete on any Freebie site!

I can not guarantee you will have the same results, but it will greatly increase your chances of getting credit for any given offer!

Theory The offer crediting system on any given Freebie site works in the following way
1. You click an offer, the freebie site sends you to their advertiser for that offer.
2. The advertiser places one or more "cookies" on your web browser's cache or cookie folder.
3. The advertiser than forwards you to the offer's website, where you complete the offer.
4. Upon completing the offer, you are brought to a "completion/confirmation page" on the offer’s website. On that web page, there is a tiny image file usually named "Can't Tell...."
5. The cookie(s) on your browser cache/folder that were placed by the advertiser then activate/"pop" that "image" file, which is than tracked by the advertiser. The advertiser then reports the status back to the Freebie site, which allows them to credit you for completing the offer.

Method There are many reason that you do not get credit, but one reason is because these "cookies" that the advertiser is suppose to place on your browser cache/folder sometimes conflict with other cookies or do not get placed there at all! The following guide will help eliminate this problem of not receiving credit for an offer completion in relation to cookies/image!

1. Launch Microsoft's Internet Explorer, since IE is the most universal web browser today, you'll have fewer problems by using it for Freebie sites.

2. Once IE is open, click "Tools/Internet Options.../General," You will now be at the new tab/window titled "Internet Options," and the tab “General.” Click "Delete Cookies..." and then "OK." Now, Click "Delete Files...," check the "Delete All Offline Content" box, and then click "OK." Now, at the top of the window click the "Privacy" tab. Move the slide bar to "Accept All Cookies" and uncheck the "Block Pop ups" box, click "OK". You have now cleared your browser cache and cookies, enabled all cookies, and disabled your pop-up blocker! If you have any other pop-up blockers and cookies blockers, you need to also disable them!

3. Close all open Internet Explorer (IE) windows, and repeat step # 2. just to double check everything is correct and cleared!

4. Log into your Freebie site account and go to the “offers” web page. On your computer’s Desktop, click "Start/My Computer” and select “C//Documents and Settings/USERNAME/Cookies" (Note Your local drive might be different, though "C" is the windows default. Also where USERNAME is, replace it with your actually windows user account name.) The "cookies" folder should be completely empty besides from an "index.dat" file. If it is not, clear your cookies and cache again.

5. Now, click an offer, wait for the offer website page to completely load (the flag at the top right should not be moving, and in the bottom left bar it should say "Done".). Then check the "cookies" folder and there should be one or more cookies/text files there, most likely one or more will have the offers name/site in its title and freebie site's name/title!
lililiIf there are no cookies in the folder, go back/close the offer window and start over from step # 2.lilili
If there are cookies in the folder, you should get credit for completing the offer, continue on to #6!

6. Complete the offer, and make sure that each web page of the offer's website loads completely!
Sometimes "image" take a while to load since they are communicating with third parties (the advertiser, etc.). It is EXTREMELY important that you make sure the "completion/confirmation web page" loads fully, since it’s the one that contains the "image" file!

7. After completing an offer, make sure the clear your cookies and cache before doing another offer, just to make sure you do not have any conflicting cookies, especially if you are going multiple offers on the same site/web page (ex. on Do-It-Yourself sites)!!!

I hope that everyone will find this useful, and it will eliminate a majority of offer crediting problems!
Always here for your Computer Questions and Needs,

lililiPlease forgive any technical and/or spelling errors.lilili
lililiNote I am basing this guide on the fact that you are using Microsoft Windows XP Operating System with Service Pack 2 and all other updates installed. If you are not, and you do not know how to complete any or all the steps of this guide, feel free to PM, Email, or IM me!lilili


15-03-2007 07:30:02

Great info. We technical folks always appreciate lots of details ;)

I'll also note that the above is in reference to IE version 6.0 or less. IE 7 cookie and internet file clearing procedures are a bit different, and it appears that a couple other files apart from the index file remains in the cookie folder (after clearing). But these shouldn't affect any crediting.


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awesome info


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I was sooooo glad to find this info. Believe me it's true!!


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Looks like you two both have same taste in avatars as well as good information ).