Changing script please read

Live forum:


05-01-2007 10:51:07

I am in the process of changing scripts so will be lots of bugs for next 48 hours. 8(

All offers are down at the moment 8( x 2.

I will update here as each site is fixed.


06-01-2007 11:51:32

All sites are now swapped 8) ugly but swapped.

If you can not log-in reset your password 8)[/size045f0a6341]

Offers will be up later today 8) and template some time later this week 8(


06-01-2007 23:17:04

hey still no offers for my referrals to complete....any update on the progress?


07-01-2007 19:38:13

All offers are up D

Anyone still having problems logging in should request new password.