Rechargeable Batteries

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28-10-2009 00:19:39

I need some recommendations.

I've been buying these that hehehhehe linked to a while back http// and they work well but they don't seem to hold their charge for long (I've had them for a while and obviously they lose their charge over time, but these don't seem to have lasted as long as some others I've had).

I don't mind spending more on batteries if they're reliable and will last a while and I couldn't care less about brand names. They have to be from Amazon though. ;)


28-10-2009 20:29:51

Hey I still use mine! They were supposed to be 2600mAh but I doubt it... Are they not holding their charge because they're being used in low draw devices (remotes, etc.) or high? Also, the charger that came with those batteries was pretty bad, I had to get a better one right away.

Maybe try the new kinds like eneloop[=http//]eneloop. They can be charged 1,000 times and the AAs have 2000mAh which is okay.

Otherwise, if you want more capacity you can try Maha Powerex 2700mAh[=http//]Maha Powerex 2700mAh batteries (look around for the best vendor though, this is not direct from Amazon) or maybe 2700mAh Sanyos[=http//]Sanyos, they supposedly make good batteries (they make eneloop). Maha seems to make the best chargers.


29-10-2009 21:30:19

Yeah those Powerex ones looks pretty good. I saw the Eneloop ones too and they have good ratings, but both look like solid choices against the ones I have now.

Thanks! D


31-10-2009 20:38:21

I still haven't opened some of my Tenenergy ones. The charger never worked, but I had a charger already from before.