Aahh crap

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19-10-2009 11:10:00

So I used GParted Live to resize and partition my HDD so that I could install Windows 7 on a separate partition and dual-boot it with XP. It went smoothly, installed Windows 7 which also went smoothly but when I tried to boot into XP it didn't work.

It had the MBR for both. At first it let me choose between Windows 7 and An Earlier Version Of Windows....the former boots Windows 7, the latter shows another MBR screen that lets me choose between three different XP Pros and Vista.....only the first XP works (it's the one I choose every time I start up the computer), the others are all failed attempts or something. Selecting the first one (that is supposed to work) just loads a black screen and that's it. I left it over night in case it was just being slow but nope, still nothing.

I've tried repairing using the Windows 7 disc and that doesn't work, I can't get to the Recovery Console from my XP disc as there isn't an option on it and when I tried the Windows 7 disc it asked me to load drivers for XP but regardless of what I choose it always says "The specified location does not contain information about your hardware". I can still access the disc from Windows 7 so I guess as a last resort I'll grab my stuff off of it and reformat. (

Any ideas?


19-10-2009 13:08:58

Check this out


But just google and i'm sure you can find out whats wrong


19-10-2009 14:09:28

Yeah my first port of call was Google, but even though I didn't have the above guide I still did exactly what it said.

Looking at the bootloader it doesn't look like XP has a path for the OS. W7 has \Windows\system32\winload.exe and XP has \ntldr.

Thanks though, at least that link reaffirmed that I did it correctly (well, not completely otherwise it'd still work ;) ).