Need to get xp home installed on old HP

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16-09-2009 12:17:44

Ok, I have a older HP computer my parents gave me. It must have come with xp home because on the side of the pc it comes with a serial for xp home. Well I don't have the recovery disc's nor the orginal windows disc, so I just torrented a xp home sp3 disc from MSDN but it's a retail copy so the key on the side of the pc won't work

Will that key only work with OEM xp home? Would it work with a OEM xp home sp3?

I went through the phone activating but that didn't work and microsoft said I had to call HP or charge me, and HP only wants to charge me and no one really knew what they were doing over there aways.

Anyone that can provide some input on my situation? To sum it up, I want to install XP Home with the key on the computer case.


16-09-2009 12:33:23

Download an HP OEM version of XP Home torrent...then it should work. Hopefully.

Or just use one of those permanent activators lol. But I don't recommend that since it's illegal..but you do have a


16-09-2009 12:51:05

Yeah I want it to be legit because I plan on selling the pc once the build is complete

Edit I read the below somewhere, would this work? I do have the recovery partition still

All HP notebooks come with the recovery software built into the second partition labeled D HP Recovery. By pressing F11 from the BIOS screen.. you access the recovery manager.


16-09-2009 14:23:19

Give it a shot....


16-09-2009 17:27:51

[quotececa9d930f="ILoveToys"]Give it a shot....[/quotececa9d930f]

I must have killed the HP MBR when I formatted the c drive so I can't mark the recovery drive as active and boot off it.

I found another HDD that had a HP image on it and threw it in, and just pushed F11 on startup and it started the recovery process and reinstalled windows and all system software, so it's all good


16-09-2009 18:05:56

Very cool...