iPhone 3G screen protection?

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20-08-2009 18:03:10

I didn't want to hijack Dmo's thread, but I'm curious what you guys use for screen protection. I put an InvisibleSkin on mine, and probably do to application error, I'm just not happy with it. I've heard that I could go without one.

I take very good care of my electronics, and if it is in a pocket, I make sure it's in a pocket by itself. What do you think?


20-08-2009 19:06:14

[quote1ce07397a4="CollidgeGraduit"]I didn't want to hijack Dmo's thread, but I'm curious what you guys use for screen protection. I put an InvisibleSkin on mine, and probably do to application error, I'm just not happy with it. I've heard that I could go without one.

I take very good care of my electronics, and if it is in a pocket, I make sure it's in a pocket by itself. What do you think?[/quote1ce07397a4]

I'm on my third iPhone now and I have mastered keeping the screen free of scratches. If I HAD to use a protector, the invisibleskin would definitely be my choice, though I would have chosen bestskinsever as they're the SAME material at a fraction of the cost. But, with my latest iPhone, I have learned NEVER to lay it face down on anything and when keeping it in your pocket, never put anything else in there with it. Following those two rules, my iPhone's screen is completely scratch free. I can't bare the appearance of an iPhone with any sort of case or skin... it just ruins the look of the iPhone. I say go without and be careful.


20-08-2009 20:01:19

I bought an Invisible Shield and totally ruined it. I've installed numerous screen protectors over the years so didn't expect a problem. The BestBuy chick offered their installation service for like $7.95 and I laughed. So I guess she had the last laugh...

It's way too tacky and limp, and as soon as it touches the surface it sticks and won't release easily. Once I finally got it positioned, I could never get the air bubbles squeezed out, and I basically had to ruin it to remove it.

I've had great luck with Boxwave's Crystal screen protectors, so that's probably what I'll get next. I bought a pack of 3 several years ago to use on my old 8125, thinking I'd have to replace them regularly. That was a waste of money, because the original one is still on there and in good shape.

I bought a $10 leather sleeve at BestBuy, also when I got the Invisible Skin, and that's what I'm using now, sans screen protector. The coating on the iPhone resists scratching, but I'd feel better getting a protector on there.

Monoprice has screen protectors for like a buck, and the reviews are decent too. If I hadn't just made an order I'd probably grab a couple from them just to try.


20-08-2009 22:18:59

I've been using InvisibleShield (by Zagg) since I've been getting iPods and it's the first thing I thought of getting for my iPhone. The application was a pain in the ass but once I got it on and positioned it was great. You can scratch the shit out of it and then watch as the marks disappear.

My only problem was that because it spent a lot of time going from pocket to hand to pocket, the corners began to loosen and get fluff and stuff underneath and stuck to the shield. So I cut the corners off and then put it in a CaseMate case for the back which covers the back and the corners, and it's great. The screen has excellent protection and the back and sides have the InvisibleShield and the CaseMate.

I intent to do the same when I get the next gen too.

This is the CaseMate I got (feels good to hold too) http//bit.ly/tWngM


21-08-2009 06:01:52

EVERYBODY stop buying InvisibleSheild protectors! You're getting ripped. Bestskinsever make their skins out of the same material and it's much cheaper. BestSkinsEver has a full body iPhone skin for $7.99... InvisibleShield has one for $24.99. I've owned both and I can confirm it IS the same material (I learned about InvisibleShield before BestSkinsEver).

From their FAQ
Q. What's the difference between The Best Skins Ever and the 'Shield' skins that cost $25 dollars (US)?

A. Other than price... it's the SAME THING. ;)[/quote644bac196e]

As for application, I almost feel like I shouldn't say this or should provide a disclaimer but I mastered the process and found that one piece of advice makes all the difference Use PLENTY of water! As the caution, DON'T apply it directly to the iPhone, but to the skin... and be sure you have it powered off and not just asleep. If water should get into the device, it's fine as long as it's allowed ample time to dry before turning the device back on. I would spray the skin several times until water actually dripped from the film. Not only did this make eliminating bubbles easier, but the film was easy to slide and position just right. If I needed to pull it off and lay it down again, it was no trouble at all. Just be sure to let it dry long enough before powering your iPhone back on. Not to brag, but I had some near flawless skins.

As for cases, as I've already expressed, I gotta have my iPhone butt naked, BUT if I had to choose a case, I recently stumbled into these cases carved from wood and thought they looked clean as hell! Low profile, simple... nice, but the price is a little steep.


21-08-2009 06:28:07

I'm aware of BestSkinEver and actually bought one for my 80GB iPod 5.5gen back in the day, but never got around to installing it -- it's still in a desk drawer somewhere. The only reason I got the Invisible Skin was I was in BB looking for a case the day after I got the phone, it was there, I had heard great things about it, and I wanted something that day rather than waiting to order. Hindsight being 20/20, I should have waited because I listillli don't have a screenprotector on it.

I did use plenty of water (actually, the solution that comes in the package) and it was dripping from the skin. As soon as the skin made contact with the iPhone, it stuck and stuck hard. Just a small section about 1cm square sticking required excessive force and stretching to remove -- I've never seen anything like it. Then I had to wait for the skin to shrink back to normal size to try again. Also, despite washing my hands and using the solution on my fingers as instructed, anywhere I touched the tacky side to hold the skin it left permanent, milky fingerprints, which looked terrible. I finally got it aligned and in place, but with about a million bubbles, and because of the aforementioned stickyness, they would barely move. I used the applicator card, plenty of liquid, etc. but it was a highly frustrating experience and I gave up and ripped the thing off.

I was actually buying the AT&T protectors when I bought the phone (3pk for $10). The sales guy offered to install it free but couldn't get one edge to lay flat, it rode up over the edge of the phone and looked bad. He asked another sales person if the 3GS took the same size protectors as the 3G and she said there was a slight difference in size, such that protectors cut to exactly fit the 3G were very slightly too large for the 3GS, so he took it off and didn't charge me for them.

Like I said, the Boxwave Crystal protectors I've used worked out great, 99% clear, and were dead simple to install, so that's probably what I'll try. Although I may give BestSkinsEver another try too. Has anybody installed both the InvisibleSkin and the BSE that can compare the tackiness/difficulty of the two? I suppose I could dig out my iPod BSE and finally try to install it, if for nothing else but comparison purposes.


21-08-2009 13:00:27

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21-08-2009 16:08:06

Holy shit, that was a master case of thread jacking. I've never seen anything like it! My hat is off to you, sir.

As for the comparison, it's been a while, but I remember the two brands of skins being exactly the same. So, if you had trouble with IS, you'll likely have trouble with BSE. I don't recall there being any difference. BSE does offer a "simple" back (doesn't have all the intricacies and flaps that wrap around the corners. It's just a solid rectangle with rounded corners) and two-piece back that may make things easier. I'm not sure if IS offered anything similar.


28-08-2009 15:11:56

i put an invisible shield on my ipod touch a couple of years ago



29-08-2009 01:54:13

i have an invisible shield (yeah yeah i know its the same but i was in BB the day before a trip). it's been great, i've beat the crap out of this iphone and although the edges are pretty messed up the screen is flawless. with clean fingers and ample solution i didn't have the milky prints and positioning problems dmo did. maybe it's just luck.