Blue Screen Error + Corrupted links

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22-03-2009 09:23:07

Since friday, my computer randomly shuts down, and when it restarts, very often I can't make it to open all the way, since just before logging in, it freezes and gives me the so called ''blue screen error''.

Another thing is that i keep getting redirected to weird pages. If i googlesearch, and click on a link, even if it's a microsoft link, it gets me to either random search engines or non related product pages, that all look schetchy.

I'm suspecting a virus...but I scanned my computer 3 times and nothing.



22-03-2009 09:42:05

It's some sort of malware...quickest fix is usually to wipe it out and start over...If that's not an option their are guides out there, but last time I did it, it was a saturday afternoon shot just scanning with utility after utility in safe mode to finally clear everything out.


22-03-2009 10:12:23

Thanks, I'm already running 3 scans, some find 1-2 things but nothing seems to fix it.

I'm worried that i won't be able to restart the computer, since me getting to use it today was just freezes 9 times out of 10.


22-03-2009 11:06:14

Try a program called Malware Bytes Anti Malware


23-03-2009 10:38:16

I second Malware Bytes.

You've definitely got a virus or malware. If you manage to boot up, now might be the time to burn any files that you can't live without.


23-03-2009 14:32:33

I'm all setup, thanks guys ) (and gals)

i did the microsoft complete scan and eliminated all viruses. now my laptop works like a charm!