Temporary files eating up HD space.

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17-03-2009 17:24:50

I just restarted my Macbook which has 1.42 GB of free space. A few minutes ago it was at 0.0 KB of free space and couldn't autosave a .txturl==http://=http:///url file I had open.

Basically I have a lot of free space on my laptop but within 5 days or so all that free space gets eaten up by temporary files and I'm forced to restart my computer.

I'm wondering a) if I can delete temporary files manually so I don't have to restart my computer and b) how to address the issue otherwise. Doesn't seem normal to have my computer eat up 1.4 GB of space per week.

Ideas or thoughts?


17-03-2009 17:32:01

And I just realized that during this last restart all my RSS feeds in NetNewsWire got deleted. (I was subscribed to a good 100 feeds. FUCK.) I guess this will compel me to switch to Google Reader but there is something seriously buggy with this computer.


19-03-2009 22:27:20

So... no ideas?

I've done nothing but browse the internet with Safari and in the course of the last two hours my HD went from 1.4 GB to 500 MB.

Any ways to delete temporary files associated with Safari?


19-03-2009 23:56:53

I remembered that someone else had this problem a while back



20-03-2009 16:12:02

Freed up 20GB of space, thanks man.