Router/Repeater Question

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14-03-2009 19:22:31

Is it possible for the Linksys WRT54G router to act as a repeater for the D-Link DI-624 router?

If so, how does one set the WRT54G router up to repeat the signal?

The only reason why I want to do this is because I do have a repeater, but when there are multiple connections going through it, everything gets sluggish.

Also...if I change the setting from "Repeater" to "Access Point" (for the DWL-G800) AP/Repeater I've been using, could that fix the issue...and will making it an AP also allow it to be used as a repeater?


15-03-2009 08:39:34

You can install dd-wrt on the wrt54g and use it as a repeater.

Check your model and compatibility

Then install

About using it as a repeater

And I'll say no to your last question.


15-03-2009 09:19:11

I was reading about that ... the problem is, is that I heard that when using a repeater, it has to double the radio waves or something so it can't do both radios at once or something, which is why when more than one device is using the network, everything is sluggish ... if I make my Linksys a repeater, will the same thing happen, or no because it's a router.

See, I'm using my neighbors network from across the street ... with my repeater on the wall near my front door, and it's always worked fine, it's just when multiple people are on it, it's very slow.

I also read this http//

Is it better to use an AP than a repeater? ... / what's the difference?