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18-02-2009 20:15:00

Are there any advantages/disadvantages (besides the cost) between getting a blu-ray drive for my computer that I hook up to my TV, and getting either a blu-ray player or a PS3?

I can wait and save to get a PS3, but the power consumption and size in my already size-limited room are my two biggest concerns, which is why I considered the blu-ray drive for the PC.


19-02-2009 17:17:50

only one I can think of is the obvious one -

ability to play games on the PS3


19-02-2009 17:34:00

If you have the ability to get a PS3, go for it. It's the best player, plus of course you get the gaming advantage too.

As far as power consumption goes, the PS3 takes a LOT when it's on, so if you are trying to be eco-friendly and just want blu-ray get it on your computer.

If you CAN though, I would go for the PS3