Over The Air HD?

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18-02-2009 13:19:18

I've been wondering about this for some time now, but I have googled and googled and googled but can not get any answers. I bought an HDTV and have DISH satellite service, and am trying to figure out how to pick up the over the air HD channels. I wasn't sure if I needed a tuner or not, the TV I have is the Mitsubishi WD-60735[=http//www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8824301&st=mitshubishi&type=product&id=1212191771968]Mitsubishi WD-60735.

Any help is appreciated, +KMA


18-02-2009 14:16:04

Do you have a ATSC tuner?


18-02-2009 19:16:01

Your TV has an HD tuner built in, but you have to feed it a signal from something. If you don't get the HD package with Dish, or if Dish doesn't have all of your local OTA channels, you can try a set of HDTV "rabbit ears." If you live in a marginal signal area, you'd be better off with an outside antenna -- they make them that mount on your dish and feed the OTA signal to your Dish receiver. Or you can install a separate one and run another coax line to your TV.