Help, what cable do I get to connect my Mac to an LCD?

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17-02-2009 20:19:57

Hey Anyone,

I have the Aluminum MacBook and need a cable to connect my macbook to my LG LCD.


That is the LCD I have. I dont need it to be HD Clear. I just want it to look good, and actually work.

I was going to buy some mini dvi adapter thing from apple but im not sure.

I need this tomorrow so if anyone can help, that would be great.



18-02-2009 14:27:48

I think you'll need a DVI to HDMI cable...



18-02-2009 14:33:59



18-02-2009 19:35:00

That's all you need, and the best place to get it too.

However you may have to do some fiddling to get the Mac to output a proper 720p resolution without losing part of the display to overscan. Some laptops are troublesome that way, not sure about Macs.