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15-02-2009 22:21:44

I'm in the middle of creating a website that is for house rentals in the college town I live in. I need to know if it is legal to post listings of houses that I find on places like craigslist, on the individual rental companies in town, and other online places, as well as from newspaper listings in the area.

the site is[], If anyone can shed some light on this it'd be great help!!

Also, need to get a little feedback on the design of the site, it's hard for me to ever tell what is eye appealing to other people...


18-02-2009 07:23:11

Bump, I've been searching all over for the legalities of this, and i'm having no luck anywhere!


18-02-2009 08:24:39

If all you're doing is aggregating data, there shouldn't be a problem; if you start claiming ownership of the data, then that might be cause for concern.