Favorite/Current Linux Distro?

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11-02-2009 19:20:02

After convincing Dell to replace my laptop motherboard, I'm stuck in my room with my iPhone wishing I could spin my compiz workspace. Anywho - whats your favorite distro and/or what are you currently running.

I'm running (or the laptop I just sent in) Fedora 10 and eagerly anticipating 11. Running GNOME with compiz and other 3D crap. I specifically like it because it works the best with my laptop setup in terms of pre-installed repos. Tried out Mandriva and it was a bit "eh" for me. But I first started with Ubuntu which I am still a big fan of, no KDE for me, and I got all the way up to Hardy Heron. So, I don't know what's in store next. I'm going to get Windows 7 dual booting so I can at least have Photoshop running.

Tell me what you got, I'm eagerly anticipating responses!


12-02-2009 03:21:27

I'm interested as well.. thinking of dual booting my laptop, just to have something to play around with.


12-02-2009 19:36:21

Well let's see...

At home
[list6ce6398b1c][li6ce6398b1c]Dual-core workstation running Ubuntu Desktop (Intrepid)
[li6ce6398b1c]NAS/media server running Ubuntu Server 8.04 LTS (Hardy)
[li6ce6398b1c]Gateway/firewall/DNS/DHCP server running Fedora Core 2. It just works and I've been reluctant to touch it (the firewall rules are highly customized and I just cringe at the thought of rebuilding it).
[li6ce6398b1c]Sony VAIO laptop dual-booting Vista and Ubuntu Desktop (Intrepid)
[li6ce6398b1c]A couple other half-built new boxes scattered across my office, one to replace my old gateway/firewall box. Haven't made up my mind what distro, I might use BSD or a dedicated firewall distro.[/listu6ce6398b1c]
At work (in my office)
[list6ce6398b1c][li6ce6398b1c]Development server running Ubuntu Desktop (Intrepid)
[li6ce6398b1c]Brand new development server, just got it last week, was going to install Citrix XenSource and then install Ubuntu Server (Hardy) and CentOS 5, but XenSource wouldn't install on the new hardware due to lack of drivers. So I just punted and got Ubuntu Server (Hardy) installed on it today by compiling a NIC driver, and I'm trying KVM for virtualization instead. Hope to get CentOS and Windows Server 2008 installed on it tomorrow as guests.[/listu6ce6398b1c]
Of course we have many other Linux boxes and VMs at work, most all are RHEL or CentOS. RHEL for anything mission-critical that requires support, and CentOS as a free RHEL clone for cheap development boxes or to deploy non-critical systems.

I started with Slackware and then RedHat about, oh, 13 years or so ago (before most anyone knew what Linux was). I was a RH user for years, up until they started the Fedora project and dropped the free version of RH. So I switched to Fedora when it came out and used it up until v6, by which point I was really disappointed by the directions they were taking. So I figured I'd finally give this Ubuntu thing I keep hearing of a try, I think around Gutsy, which is what I've stayed with since. I had used raw Debian many years prior and didn't care much for it, but really like where it had evolved to with Ubuntu.