Connect to 32" LCD TV from Lenovo T61 with a VGA connec

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09-02-2009 13:26:05


I am trying to connect to 32" LCD TV 1080P from T61 with a VGA connector. When I do (Fn+Ctrl+F7) I can see the T61's output on my TV if I set T61's display setting as 1280x768. Then If I increase the resolution on the TV the screen becomes black. I want to change the display setting to 1920x1080 so that I can see output as full screen on my TV.

Notebook setting as follows

Color Quality - 32 bit
Refresh Rate - 60 Hertz

How can I change the screen resolution?


09-02-2009 15:22:42

I think you have to go to your control panel and then display. There you can adjust the resolution.

Hope that helps.


09-02-2009 18:56:28

Many TV VGA connectors do not support 1080 resolution. My 60" TV supports only 1024x768 over VGA despite being a 1080p panel, although I recall reading about some "hacks" that can get around it. Check your TV manual for its specs, or AVS Forum, where they have a forum section dedicated to hooking computers up to HDTV's.

Also, your notebook's video driver may not natively support 1920x1080 output. Many don't, especially if it can't reliably query the proper EDID info from the TV to determine its max timings. You'll either have to configure your driver to use custom timings (if it supports that), or use a 3rd party tool like PowerStrip. Again that's assuming your TV's VGA input supports 1080.