Laptop Space Bar

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27-01-2009 22:10:42

My laptop space bar isn't very crisp when I press it anymore, is there a way to fix this? Is this something that just needs to get blown out with some compressed air, or is it screwed?


28-01-2009 15:26:09

you can try the compressed air, the keys will pop off if you need to clean under them, just be careful removing them and putting them back


28-01-2009 15:59:53

Yeah if you mean like it's "dead" or less sensitive, requiring some awkward pressure to work, then it could be worn out, but it's probably just gunked up in there.

Laptop keyboards can be tricky to work on, but if you can carefully pop off the key cap then you can probably get in there with some alcohol swabs and compressed air and get it cleaned up.

If the whole keyboard is like that, for best results you'd want to disassemble the laptop, remove the keyboard, and soak it in an alcohol bath overnight. Careful though, laptops don't like to be disassembled, and there's usually about 30 teeny tiny screws and some fragile ribbon cables involved.


28-01-2009 21:16:40

okay thanks guys, I'm going to go get some compressed air tomorrow hopefully i don't have to replace the laptop........ That's what I could spend my Mpell gift on though D


29-01-2009 15:48:17

may want to check ebay for replacement keyboard if you need to go that route

A friend of mine picked one up for his dell for about 30 bucks