Connect Laptop T61 to TV using VGA ->RCA

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12-01-2009 19:27:46


I have Thinkpad T61 ( Has Video Card nvidia quadro nvs 140m)
I dont have S-Video Out in my Laptop ,it has only VGA,I want to connect
my Laptop to my TV,which has RCA(red-Yellow-White) inputs.

Can someone help how I can connect my Laptop to my TV.?



12-01-2009 20:56:13

What type of TV do you have, and what exactly are you wanting to use the computer for?

Red/white/yellow connectors are stereo L/R and composite video -- you do NOT want to even try a composite video connection. It will look horrible, virtually unusable. Composite resolution is interlaced and something like 320 pixels. I'd be surprised if modern vidcard drivers would even downsize that far.

Even S-Video, while much better than composite, is just barely usable for anything other than gaming or video/picture viewing -- trying to type or navigate through the OS will still be a headache-inducing experience.

Hooking up computers to TV's and getting acceptable results requires an HDTV and an HD connection, either component or DVI/HDMI. The latter is preferable for it's higher bandwidth, resolution, and quality, and DVI is an easy connection to HDMI with a simple cable or adapter dongle since both use the exact same digital video signals. VGA is analog and cannot be used with HDMI TV's without an expensive ($200+) analog-to-digital converter box. I've seen cheap $40 converters that support lower resolutions, but with very mixed reviews, and they seem very TV finicky. VGA also requires signal conversion to work with component inputs, but since both are analog it's typically an easier/cheaper conversion (around $70 or so).


13-01-2009 15:13:42

Thanks for the info.