Wierd Freaky Problem with my TV

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12-01-2009 14:00:49

When I connect my lcd tv to my laptop via vga, once in a while random IR signals seem to be sent to my tv. It can randomly raise the volume, bring up the menu, change inputs, change channels, or whatever it feels like doing it. It's random. I have no idea what's causing it to do this. Help would be appreciated.


12-01-2009 14:02:50

lol, sorry thats kinda funny, anyone playin jokes on you from another room?


12-01-2009 15:43:20

positive. ( this is driving me nuts


12-01-2009 19:07:14

if your laptop has IR, may want to try and disable it.....not sure it'll help but it may


12-01-2009 19:16:40

Laptop doesn't have an IR port.


12-01-2009 21:00:29

Maybe someone has the same TV as you or something and when they are doing something it is affecting yours?


12-01-2009 21:03:47

If there are no other conflicting IR transmitters at play, then I'm guessing interference passed through the VGA connection, or just emanating from the laptop itself, is wreaking havoc with the TV's circuitry. You don't say what TV model you have, but if it's a "cheap" brand like Westinghouse then their design specs with regards to shielding and quality components can be pretty poor.

In the meantime, you might try a different (high-quality, shielded, with ferrite cores) VGA cable and make sure the connectors are tightly secured. Also try to get the laptop as far away from the computer as you can, but long VGA runs require extra-high-quality cables to prevent loss of signal, so that makes it a bit more difficult to do.


13-01-2009 09:29:59

I had a lot of wires on the surge protector and other crap hooked up with the tv on the same outlet/surge protector. I tried moving things around especially my speakers, and I took off the auto source function on the tv to automatically find sources when plugged in. This way if it changes the channel it won't leave vga mode. So, far didn't have any problem. I've only tested it for like 20 minutes. So, time will tell. This really is a strange problem.


14-01-2009 13:02:23

Arggh, still not resolved.

I tried my friend's laptop with my tv in the same place as my laptop was, and we had no problems. It looks like it is my computer.

dmorris, help? lol

edit my tv works fine with my live cd. somehow my vista setup is affecting my tv.