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11-01-2009 20:00:09

I'm looking to get a switcher or something similar that I can use so that I don't have to keep unplugging my console cables and plugging the TV cables back into the back of my TV, and vice versa.

I have a purchase I have to make on Monoprice so if I can get it from there that'd be sweet, but no biggie.

Any recommendations?

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11-01-2009 20:04:17

Component? HDMI?

I have a 4x HDMI switch from Monoprice, works like a champ.


11-01-2009 20:05:42

Component. I just use the red and white audio cables. I'll get decent cables when I get an HDTV.

Actually, it looks like this is the only one

Is there one I can get with HDMI and Component so I don't have to buy another when I get a new TV?

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