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03-01-2009 12:56:53

Hello all, I'm looking for a kickass sound system for my room. I have about a $200 limit, but I'd like to go as low as possible. This is totally seperate from my computer and won't be connected to it. I have an MS paint drawing of my room shape, and where I'd like my speakers. I'm not using them for gaming or anything as I use a headset, just music, so them not being evenly placed doesn't bother me. I'm just wondering if anybody had suggestions on better placements.

As for the actual system, I want to be able to make it loud, but I'm not going to go crazy as I live in a semi-attached house and have neighbors. Luckily I have a room in the basement with huge concrete walls separating me from my neighbors. I want the quality to be as good as possible, and want a lot of bass. I'd also want a sub woofer. iPod compatibility is also a huge plus. Wireless is also a must.

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Does anybody have any suggestions? I'm looking to go as cheap as possible without sacrificing sound quality, but that doesn't mean I want a top of the line system that'll make me go broke. I don't know anything about these as I've never had one, so I'm relying on you guys P



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I've googled my heart out, but can't seem to find anything within my price range that looks decent (


03-01-2009 14:13:53

That's b/c what you want is probably outside of ur pricerange.


03-01-2009 14:16:31

Yeah, "kick ass" and $200 don't mix for what you're looking for.


03-01-2009 14:25:25

[quote02f91bb4a1="bballp6699"]Yeah, "kick ass" and $200 don't mix for what you're looking for.[/quote02f91bb4a1]

My thoughts exactly.


03-01-2009 14:41:45

Ah, I was hoping they would be cheaper.


How does that one look, though?


03-01-2009 14:44:59


Not wireless and not exactly "kick ass", but the reviews don't seem to be horrible for what it's worth.

You get what you pay for.


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Not wireless and not exactly "kick ass", but the reviews don't seem to be horrible for what it's worth.

You get what you pay for.[/quote276a3ae5a1]

That has the same picture of the one I posted right above your post, but your link says Acoustic Authority while mine says Cyber Acoustics. Is there any difference?


03-01-2009 15:21:51

It's the same one. I just posted reviews on it...


03-01-2009 16:16:53

I have a Cyber Acoustics A-211 2.1 system and it blows away a lot of sound systems I heard, and it was less than $180. They make some quality products. The subwoofer is incredible.


03-01-2009 17:52:33

I'd keep #5 in the top left, as that way it isn't as cut off from direct sound to the rest of the room. Alternately, move it to outside the top right corner of the bathroom.


02-02-2009 13:33:59

Logitech Z-5500? Ive heard a lot of good things about them.