UK ps3

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01-01-2009 13:39:34

My friend got a PS3 from the UK for xmas and wants to play it here in USA. The plug is european though and won't fit outlets here. We got a friends PS3 power cord and tried that but were still unable to get it to work. Any suggestions to get it to work here? Thanks.


01-01-2009 14:18:01

If you go to a travel shop you should be able to get an adapter for the electrical socket.


01-01-2009 15:22:24

In the unlikely event the UK PS3 is built differently, without a dual voltage power supply, then you're only feeding it half the voltage it expects (US = 120V/60Hz, UK = 240V/50Hz). However I seem to recall that all PS3's support dual voltage, so theoretically all you should need is a plug adapter or a US power cable. But if the friend's power cable doesn't work, then there would seem to be other issues. I don't suppose there's a manual voltage switch on the back/bottom of the PS3? Mine is quite snug in my AV rack so I'm not going to go digging it out to check. P