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31-12-2008 17:35:00

If anyone has the time and is willing to critique my website I would love to get some feedback!

I just published the site, and havn't really released anything about it or done advertising, but I'd love to have some people let me know if there are problems with it that they see! I know of a few problems but i'm sure there are more!

it is

Thanks in advance for anyone that helps! +Kma too P


31-12-2008 19:58:25

My thoughts

1) Don't make the title text "Welcome to WildcatJob". People know that's the name of the site from the domain name. The title should provide more information, for SEO and usability reasons.

2) Lose the weird background image. It's not very web 2.0 and it makes it almost impossible to read some of the text, in particular the links along the bottom.

3) I'm not a fan of the stencil font. Try to avoid images when you can use text instead. Again, you don't need to say "Welcome to Wildcat Job", it's redundant.

4) For the "list a job" - you don't need to say "this section...blah blah blah". It's implied that the text following each point refers to that point. Try to word it a bit less pedantically.

5) If you must use images for your links, make the alt-text something descriptive, i.e. not the name of the page it's linking to.

6) You spelled extra-curricular incorrectly.

7) On the main page - it's not obvious what the links on the left mean. Perhaps make them more descriptive "Job opportunities for current students", "Internships", "Job opportunities for recent graduates", "Work online from home", or something...

8) Something weird is going on with your form for submitting a job, the bottom of the submit button is cut off.

There's probably more stuff, but I'll leave it for others to take a look at. Nice idea for a site, though, and I think a few tweaks and it will be quite good.


16-08-2009 20:42:38

Well, after 2 hard drive crashes and several losses of work, i'm getting ready to try to start doing some advertising for this site and would like some thoughts.

A few questions that more experienced people here might know. I want my homepage to be, right know I have it as a redirect, but that has a delay on it which I don't like, not sure if there is a better way to deal with this.

Also, there are some pages that the links are not active because I have not got around to recreating all of the pages, so they will come in the future.

If anyone can give me some words of thought on this, it would be great! is the site


17-08-2009 04:54:32

I don't remember how...but search Google for editing the .htaccessurl==http://=http:///url file ... (if you're using cPanel, it's in the public_html folder...if it's not, make it.) If you add a certain line it will automatically go to the subdomain that you want.