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20-12-2008 16:39:20

My desktop has been acting a little crazy for the last few months. The last few days I haven't been able to have My Computer or Windows Explorer open in any folder that has a video if it is in Thumbs view. Also if I try and play a video on Media Player, everything freezes. I have scanned and scanned until my little heart can't take it no more. My only other idea is to reformat. I run XP so it wouldn't be hard. The thing is, I have a crap load of programs that I use all the time and don't really want to go through and download again. there is no way that i can keep those programs if I reformat is there?


20-12-2008 16:43:45

Sounds like codec issues.. have you installed any new video-related software prior to the issues happening?


20-12-2008 16:45:15

Not if you reformat. But first try a repair install -- I've found that it will fix probably 90% of issues that most people would reinstall for.

Boot from the XP installation CD, start like you're going to do a fresh install. Pick your installation folder as C\Windows (or whatever yours is) and the installer will warn you that an OS is already installed, and ask if you want to repair it. Answer yes. Windows will basically wipe and reinstall itself, but will not touch your files, applications, or those areas of the registry. It liwillli blow away all your Windows Updates and Service Packs that were installed after your initial OS installation, so you'll have to reinstall all of those (just grab SP3 and it'll cover most, then run Windows Update for the rest). If you have or can create an XP disc with SP3 already, then even easier.

I always try this before a complete nuke & pave for XP, as it saves a lot time when it works. And it usually does.

You might also try reinstalling Media Player first. It sounds like MP is hosed, since I'm sure its libraries are used to generate thumbnails, and you're having the problems playing videos. Like CG said, maybe its codecs are screwed up.


21-12-2008 05:37:20

I don't have the disk. It has a drive with the back up info. I don't know if that will let me repair or not. As far as reinstalling MP, I tried to uninstall it but it only reverts to an older version. The same thing still happens.


31-12-2008 10:29:58

Ended up having to do a complete recovery... Has taken 3 days to get all updates and programs reinstalled. I hate this. Seems to be running smoothly now though.