extenal hard drive problem

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14-12-2008 18:23:06

So I dropped my external hard drive about 2 feet onto a ceramic tile floor. Now if makes a funny sound. When I plug it in it makes my computer not boot. Is it effed for good?


14-12-2008 19:34:28

you nee stickeir hands lolz2 u!!!11


14-12-2008 21:57:05

open it up and see if it looks okay.


14-12-2008 22:58:20

Flip it over and drop it again.

Does it show in the POST screen (the first screen you see when you turn your computer on, black with white writing, it should show the drives that are detected, if they are IDE (my SATA drives don't show...) You might need to hit delete or escape to keep the POST screen open.

Worst comes to worst, you might be able to recover the data if it's a slave drive (get a new master drive, set the old one up as a slave). Could be that it's corrupted enough that the OS won't load, but some of the data might be recoverable.


16-12-2008 05:39:18

Oh man. This is way above my head. I am stupid when it comes to tech stuff... I can't belive I lost all my music! (