Wii Controllers Overseas?

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11-12-2008 14:14:23

I did Google it but didn't find anything, but I want to send my brother (in Scotland) a Wii Remote, Nunchuck and Steering Wheel for Christmas from here, but will they work? Stupid Question?

I priced them over there and it'll cost me upwards of $80 to buy them from over there and have them sent to his house and it's cheaper here, so that's my reasoning.


11-12-2008 16:59:47

I'm sure they'll work -- the Wii remotes operate via Bluetooth. The nunchaku plugs into the Wiimote. Nintendo wouldn't make different wireless protocols for different countries, the only thing I imagine would be different is the Wii power supply.

Electronics in Europe have always been ridiculously expensive. Especially in Germany. Although $80 USD for the lot doesn't sound too bad, especially for Euro prices -- the last ones I bought, the Wiimote was $40-$50 and the Nunchaku was $20. Add the wheel and overseas shipping, I'd be surprised if you didn't spend more than $80 buying them here. Or do you have some eBay hookup?


11-12-2008 18:02:41

Well I can get them all on eBay here for about $47, then all I'd have to do is ship them over there which wouldn't cost much.

The two places I looked at online that are based in the UK have the Remote and Nunchuck for $75 together and the Wheel for $10, and that's without shipping. I guess I'm more bothered about it getting there in time as opposed to the cost, I've just had so many places over there deny my card when I try to buy things because my billing address is over here. shrug

Thanks though. D