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05-12-2008 19:14:37

Okay, so i'm making a website through iWeb. It is a job listing/search website and I was make my entries with the Blog on the iWeb program. Problem is that in order for the blog to work you have to use a .Macurl==http://=http:///url hosting account. I don't want to put my entire site on a .Macurl==http://=http:///url account because I like my godaddy hosting, and it is too expensive.

Thing is, my mom uses .Macurl==http://=http:///url and it allows multiple sites per hosting account. So, could I list the blogs on my mom's hosting account through .Macurl==http://=http:///url and host the rest with godaddy?

What changes would have to be made to make this work?


07-12-2008 22:27:09



08-12-2008 08:57:02

No - your domain can only be hosted on one website. If you want an easy to use blog software, install Wordpress on your GoDaddy hosting and go from there. You can certainly host more than one website on hosting though - I have about 10 websites on my hosting now. All in all though, I'm not really clear on what you're trying to accomplish - can you explain it more clearly?


08-12-2008 14:29:40

If your domain registrar or hosting provider gives you full DNS control, you can host multiple [i936dbab0b6]subdomains[/i936dbab0b6] on different servers. For example, if your domain is [b936dbab0b6][/b936dbab0b6], then you can host and on one host, and on a completely different host. You'd have to be able to access the DNS record for the domain, then create a CNAME record pointing the subdomain to another IP address or hostname. So, in your case, you could point to blog.momsdomain.mac.


08-12-2008 16:15:35

I was hoping to use the iWeb blog so I wouldn't have to deal with working on the site on more than one creator, but from what dmo says it'd take a lot more than I'm willing to do to get it to work, so ill probably have to just create my own listing template and copy paste from there...

Thanks for the help tho guys!