Nokia N97

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05-12-2008 18:26:10

What do you guys think about the latest N series from Nokia? I think the N97 is freaking hot! It's so beautiful I would totally marry it.



05-12-2008 20:05:53

Yeah ... but the fact that it has a keyboard ... I don't know. I mean it looks nice and all, but if it had a touch type of keyboard like on the Blackberry Storm...then it would be awesome. Also, a lot of my friends have Blackberries and use the BBM feature which obviously the N97 would lack...


05-12-2008 22:34:23

I would prefer the keyboard slide out so I can have a larger interface and less finger smudges on my screen. The Storm is nice too but having a Blackberry just makes you look old.


06-12-2008 07:21:40

The N97 reminds me a lot of the Voyager.