Good but cheap sound system?

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05-12-2008 17:30:53

My little sister wants a sound system for Christmas, and I am excited since I've been an audiophile forever and have been trying to get her to appreciate music at a more sophisticated level than her Powerbook can offer.

But I'm cheap and I know she won't be able to tell much of a difference at this point anyway, so I want to spend like $100-250.

Anyone have any suggestions on the best sound system I can get in the $100-250 range?

EDIT Sorry, I forgot to mention that she'll be using this for music exclusively, not for gaming or movies or anything. I want to get a system independent from her computer.

EDIT 2 I'm thinking of getting this Sony[=http//]Sony or this Logitech[=http//]Logitech. The extra features on the Sony seem worth the extra $20 but if anyone has any experience with either of these or has another system to suggest I'd love to hear it.


05-12-2008 17:49:27

I would definitely go for the logitech, because their speakers usually blow away HTIBs that are similarly priced in terms of sound quality. Problem is, you need a sound source for them (ipod, cd player, etc.) if you want something independent from the computer, whereas the Sony already comes with a CD player. You could buy a separate CD player, but then you'd be over budget.


05-12-2008 18:10:14

I'm a big fan of Logitech audio products (actually most Logitech products in general). Bang for the buck audio quality is excellent. I'm also a fan of many things Sony, so you probably can't go wrong with either. But I'd lean toward Logitech.


05-12-2008 18:23:56

The Logitech has an auxiliary input jack so sound source won't be a problem there, she can hook her iPod or CD player up to that.

Besides the sound source, can the Logitech stand alone? From what I can tell it looks like it can, so it might be the right fit.

Thanks for your responses, btw.


05-12-2008 21:04:39

Yeah if she has an ipod or CD player she'll be set to go.


05-12-2008 22:03:04

I bought these http//

Cyber Acoustics A-211

It's iPod compatible, comes with all the wires and stuff...when you put your iPod automatically stops playing from the other source it was playing...once the iPod is stopped, it continues from the other source.

Let me tell you these speakers sound incredible. I have it in my dorm room and it shakes the entire suite, not just my room. The sub is awesome, pretty big...bass control in the back. Touch sensitive volume controls + remote capability.

And man...they can get loud.

I had gotten it for like $170 from Radioshack in September ... and they sound great. I couldn't be happier.


05-12-2008 22:36:47

Cool, I will have options.

Thanks y'all.