Effff! Am in for an expensive repair?

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28-11-2008 11:41:39

The little pin broke out of where the power cord plugs into my laptop. Warranty is up. Acer said $450 to repair. Took to a local shop and they said they don't know of any people that will sauder (sp) in my town... Help!!!

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28-11-2008 12:09:02



28-11-2008 12:13:48

Thanks for the help.


28-11-2008 14:02:32

You could always try and solder it yourself, ya know, since it's out of warranty.


28-11-2008 14:41:26

Soldering is awesome, so much fun (although I think I permanently scarred myself, the last burn I got from soldering about 2 months ago isn't going away...).


28-11-2008 16:24:24

Definitely not a $450 repair, and since it's an Acer and old enough to be out of warranty, I'd say the laptop isn't even worth that much.

Assuming a makeshift pin can't be rigged to replace the broken pin, resoldering a new connector to the board would take less time than disassembling the laptop itself. I can't believe there isn't someone " in town" who solders. Any sort of radio/TV repair shop, amateur HAM radio operator, car stereo installer, etc. will know how to solder.

Power supply connectors are generally not proprietary on laptops, and while that picture is fuzzy, it doesn't look special from what I can make out. I couldn't tell you exactly what to get without opening it up and looking at the whole connector, but if the laptop is dead anyway, it might be worth a shot. Probably a $5 part and an hour to take everything apart, desolder/resolder, and reassemble.


28-11-2008 16:28:51

Thanks D. I found a small computer shop that said they have a guy that does soldering for them. I told them that Acer said it would be $450 and they laughed. But they did tell me that no computer shops in town have people that solder. It just so happens that they have a guy that they contract to do this kind of stuff.


29-11-2008 08:25:37

contractors usually cost a shit ton of money too. Especially if the computer place is the one contracting them out. Now you're paying a third party. You'll have to pay the computer repair place for their time in finding you a guy and then you'll have to pay the guy.

It'd be cheaper to buy your own soldering gun and a book. You can do it buddy.