Blackberry Storm

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20-11-2008 07:20:03

Whos getting it? Comes out today I think

I really really really want one as I am in love with blackberry's.

I've watched several interviews with people who have been testing the device and comparing it to the iphone and of course it has it's pros and cons, one major con being it doesn't offer wifi!

And our comany has sprint which pisses me off so I can't get it on the company, I have verizon for personal usage but the plans seem kinda expensive.


20-11-2008 14:42:17

No wifi? Yuck.

Not a fan of Blackberry's anyway. My daughter got caught up in the hype of teeny boppers buying them (as if your typical teen needs all that) so I bought her a Pearl last Christmas. She hates it now too and wants something else. She's begging me for my old 8125, which is beat to hell, slow by today's standards, and about to fall apart.

I was about to slip over to the darkside and buy an iPhone, but decided to give WM one more chance and got the Fuze a week or so ago, the day before it was released. Pretty awesome phone so far, but ActiveSync sucks as always. Just had to do a factory restore today to get the thing to sync again -- good thing I make regular backups. Other than that, I'm pleased with it, but have yet to try to do as much with it as I did with my old 8125.


20-11-2008 14:45:53

I think BB's are only good in a BES environment... I wouldn't get one just for personal usage.


20-11-2008 14:51:19

Agreed. As far as consumer multi-function phones go, iPhone and WinMo (maybe Android when they get the kinks worked out and more developers on board) are a lot more practical.

And even among business folks, now that dataplans are cheap and push is now supported for Exchange and other messaging platforms, BB needs to do a lot more to stay competitive. They no longer have that edge. My company supports both BB/BES and WinMo/Good, and there is talk of dropping BES in the future.


26-11-2008 22:16:21

I actually liked the phone. It's nice to touch.

Does anyone know if this phone is supposed to come out for T-Mobile? I've heard rumors it's supposed to hit T-Mobile in January...

I mean, the Storm does have a SIM card slot so I'm assuming it'll be on other providers other than Verizon.


29-11-2008 14:38:50

It has a sim slot because it's also a quadband GSM worldphone.
I've read some reviews and heard it's way too laggy and not very good etc.

I'm an extremely big fan of the Blackberry bold, which is like the BMW of blackberries. It looks really nice, has an awesome screen (I'm talking INCREDIBLE), has a sweet keyboard, and has all the blackberry shortcuts with a very nicely skinned OS.

However, Blackberries don't really suit me, and that's why I stick with WinMo. They don't have that many apps that you can add to them.

And Dmorris, you bought the fuze huh?
How do you like it?
I'm thinking of getting it next week as an update to my tilt.
I haven't really gotten time to play around with it.

I have TouchFlo 2D on my tilt and it runs great, so I want to test drive Touchflo 3D.
I guess a lot of the apps that are on the Fuze I've already used like opera and the HTC Raphael Skinned WinMo.. I just want to test out the keyboard and the overall speed of the device.
How's the camera though? That's one thing that sucks on the Tilt, and what I've been looking forward to an update for.