@samz465 - you'll be happy I got a Fuze instead of an iPhone

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10-11-2008 12:33:37


Just got back from the local corporate AT&T store, and although it's not officially released until tomorrow, they got the HTC Fuze (aka Touch Pro) in today, and I was the first to get one!

I was determined to go with the iPhone this time around, being pretty much sick of WinMo devices at this point. But v6.1 seems to be an improvement, the Fuze/Touch Pro is getting rave reviews, and despite release of the iPhone SDK I can do more with the Fuze. So I've locked myself into 2 more years of WinMo, I hope I don't regret it.

So far, aside from being a fingerprint magnet and not coming with a case/holster, I'm liking it. I just can't get my data connection to work yet, but I've read of others having the same problem. New data plan and all, so maybe there's something I need to configure different than the stock MediaNet connection, I don't know. samz, are you an AT&T data plan guru?


29-11-2008 14:43:23

Hey Dmo!
I just posted in the other thread, and then I was surprised to find a new thread dedicated to me =].

I haven't been on the forums much...Damn, you posted this almost 3 weeks ago.

If you're still having data plan issues let me know.
Sorry about the delay...

And I guess I'll ask again
How's the touchflo 3D, the camera, the size, the overall speed, the speed of the screen rotation, the Gsensor, the video quality/speed (I Know the tilt had terrible drivers), and anything else you feel like adding.
I haven't really gotten time to play with it as every time we got it in, I wasn't at the store.
If you have any questions for me, let me know.


29-11-2008 19:32:20

Data is working fine now, I had to call CS and get them to reset my connection and go through my MediaNet configuration before soft-booting the phone.

I'm still getting used to TouchFlo. Sometimes I want to disable it and go back to the WinMo interface, but then again I like the idea of a finger-friendly UI so I'm giving it a chance to win me over. I still find myself pulling out the stylus a lot -- that's what 3 years with an 8125 will do to you, it's just a natural reflex after pulling the phone out -- so I'm not sure yet if I'll stick with TouchFlo or not.

The camera is AWESOME for a phone. Best I've ever seen. Very sharp, good focus and zoom, unlike the 8125. The business card OCR feature works surprisingly well too -- just snap a photo of a business card and the info is OCR'ed and imported into your contacts. Beats typing.

The size is fine for me, as I'm used to the 8125, which is both longer and thicker. I really like the heft, it feels very solid and well built.

Screen rotation speed is so-so. I've only really used it in Opera (which is SLOW) and for photos. It doesn't work for everything, the software must support it.

The Gsensor is very cool, and very sensitive. The little Teeter game that comes with it is incredibly addictive -- I couldn't stop playing it until I had beaten all the levels.

Video quality is sweet. Although the screen is small compared to an iPhone and some of the other full-size screen phones, the full VGA resolution is incredibly sharp. The situation with the Tilt drives is what kept me away from getting it, so I don't have hands-on comparison experience, but it seems quite snappy to me. I'm pretty sure it doesn't suffer from the same issues the Tilt did.

Haven't had a chance to try the GPS yet, as I haven't re-installed my nav software. Since I don't use it unless I'm traveling, I've put it off.

I still haven't taken the time to fully customize the phone like I did with my 8125. As I need stuff, I install it. As I run across interesting tweaks, I apply them. So it'll be awhile before it's fully tuned-in for me. But so far, overall, I'm quite pleased.

Probably my biggest complaint right now is that good holsters are hard to come by. No luck in the local stores. I've seen a few on eBay that look promising. I bought an HTC OEM holster from Newegg, and it's really nice leather holster with a magnetic flap and HTC logo embossed on the front, but it's too big for the Fuze. The Fuze kinda rattles around loose inside rather than being held snug, which prevents me from feeling it vibrate a lot of the time. I'm hoping HTC will make a smaller one that is a better fit.