Locking down/future proofing XP Home SP3 laptop

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21-10-2008 19:16:50

Installing XP Home SP3 on a friend's laptop. He has a tendency to acquire spyware which I have concluded is impossible to suppress. So, what apps do I stick on here to protect this poor soul from himself? I'm talking anti-spyware, anti-virus, etc - and only free apps, please. It's an older laptop with 512mb ram so the smaller the footprint the better. TIA


21-10-2008 19:42:36

avg free version

microsoft defender


firefox - with no script add-on


21-10-2008 21:21:34

Who the fuck do these noobs think they are by not using the search feature?



21-10-2008 22:15:24

I think he can choose to use the search feature if and when he wants.


21-10-2008 23:49:37

nah, i shoulda )
edit its definitely the same laptop and the same friend. lol.


22-10-2008 07:16:17

I lol'd.

I would recommend Avast, over AVG for an older computer. My main PC is from the same era as your friends, and I noticed a performance decrease with (the new) AVG; they've added about 9 other things to the security suite, rather than just anti-virus.

Also, right now, RAM is stupid cheap, either on eBay or Frys.com (tons of rebates), so it's worth him spending $20 to buy 1GB of ram to bump it up to 1.5GB, IMO.


22-10-2008 09:01:01

[quote80868d3f82="Admin"]nah, i shoulda )
edit its definitely the same laptop and the same friend. lol.[/quote80868d3f82]