HDD In the Freezer?

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08-10-2008 11:07:03

Hey Everyone,

So I recently heard of a client that I was working for taking a HDD that had overheated and putting it in a Freezer. Supposedly this helped them recover lost data and repaired the drive. I had never heard of this...

I did some research on Google and found information both saying this works and that it also does not. I wasn't able to find anything on if it does work, what scientifically occurs for it to work.

Any information on whether this works or not would be appreciated. Additionally, if anyone knows what exactly a freezer does that does fix the drive, I am curious.



08-10-2008 12:05:04

I've only heard of a freezer being used to fix a drive that mechanically locks up. The freezer causes the metal parts to shrink, which allows them to come loose in some situations. This will sometimes buy you enough time to recover your data.


08-10-2008 12:30:41

I've heard the above works, but have never had any luck with it myself. (


08-10-2008 14:07:31

What CG said is pretty much right. When you put the drive in the freezer though put it in an air tight bag otherwise it's going to condensate like a mofo when you pull it out.

I tried it once, but my drive was too far gone and I had no luck. Either way I wouldn't plan on it FIXING your drive ever, but might enable you to save some data.