Question about GPU, and yes I did my research.

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05-10-2008 07:47:03

Alright. When I had purchased my laptop last year, it came with a Geforce 8600M GT (256MB) GDDR3.

GPU 475MHz
Memory 700MHz

There was also a GDDR2 model with memory clockspeeds @ 400MHz.

I recently sent my laptop in for repair, and they replaced the motherboard.

My graphics card now is a Geforce 9500M GS (512 MB).

GPU 475MHz
Memory 400MHz.

This card is basically identical to the 8600M GT GDDR2 version, except it uses less power and doesn't give off as much heat.

I spoke to ASUS and they were telling me I have a better card, yet, my memory clockspeeds are @ 400MHz, when it used to be 700MHz, but now I have 512 MB.

Can someone confirm if the 9500M GS GDDR2 (512MB) is better than the previous 8600M GT GDDR3 (256MB)?



05-10-2008 07:55:19

Well...How well does it work compared to your original?


05-10-2008 08:54:03

I haven't tested it yet. All I know is that it uses less power, less heat, has twice the memory, but the memory clock is 300MHz less and is GDDR2 instead of GDDR3. \


05-10-2008 09:27:29

[quoteb7f0869f4c="TFOAF"]I haven't tested it yet. [/quoteb7f0869f4c]
Then maybe that would be a good thing to do before asking people.

[quoteb7f0869f4c="TFOAF"]and yes I did my research.[/quoteb7f0869f4c]
Really? Like googling "8600m vs 9500m" to see all the people asking the exact same exact thing?


05-10-2008 11:39:25

Right. I know people have been asking the same thing...

But no one can come to a conclusion so I was wondering if someone who knows about this more than I do could explain to me which card is better. I tested it...but I can't tell if it's slower or not.