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03-09-2008 12:49:18

Hello all,
I am having trouble with my wireless/internet connection. I have a pc and I have a tmobile linksys router
http//www.t-mobile.com/images/products/linksys_wrtu54g/250x270.jpg[" alt=""/img6ff20d145a]

Besides these two things I have an xbox, ps3 and a laptop.

Here is my problem, whenever I am on my PC or Laptop (through wireless internet) I could never download big files. If I attempt to download any file over 15mb, the downloading just stops and I either have to restart it or not download it at all. The only way to download a large file is if I connect my DSL router directly to my PC or laptop, without the wireless router.

I have my xbox connected trough a wired cable that connects to my wireless router, I have no problems at all with that connection, No lag, no nothing.

I can connect to my ps3 wireless but it disconnects about every 5 minutes. When I play fifa, before or at half time, my connection gets lost. If I connect to my ps3 with a wire, I get the same problem.

What can be the problem? Is it my settings?
I would appreciate any help.

Henry D


04-09-2008 13:55:00

anyone? please?


04-09-2008 14:07:10

Can't help but I thought I'd come in here and say hi since I haven't heard from you in a while. )

Busy busy Henry. ;)


04-09-2008 14:57:22

Hey Josh, yeah i've been quite busy -)


16-09-2008 11:46:21

I have had this problem before. To fix my problem, I had to reflash the router with an updated firmware. You should check the product website to see if your firmware is out of date.
Alternatively, you may be able to try out DD-WRT, which is a open source firmware for linksys routers.
Keep in mind that reflashing a router, there is a chance of bricking it. Please note, that if you do decide to flash it, I hold no responsability if your equipment gets ruined.