apple event 09/09

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02-09-2008 10:45:40

it was rumored last week, now it's official.

lihereli[=http//]lihereli is the gizmodo post.

if they announce a bigger ipod touch, i'm going to be a bit bummed



06-09-2008 02:29:13

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06-09-2008 10:55:09

Crap, it better not come out in orange or else I'll have to buy one on basic principle (I NEEEEED orange things). I really don't want any more iPods, especially a nano.


06-09-2008 17:47:29

isn't the new thing about the picture, the larger screen? lol


09-09-2008 07:57:25

early gizmodo rumor

The iPod touch will have no color choices and retain the same storage options of 8, 16 and 32GB.


here's the gizmodo live blog link http//



09-09-2008 10:38:42

considering how many ipods are already out there in the world, why bother making them "green" now?