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01-09-2008 21:12:59

My girlfriend is having some strange computer problems. She was looking on Facebook when her computer froze. She turned is off and on, only to get the blue screen of death. So, she restarted it again, with the same result. Being the moderately technical guy that I am, I told her to bring it over and I'd figure it out. Well, I can't figure it out. When the computer is turned on 5 options are automatically given either, Start normally, Start at Last Known Good Configuration, Start in Safe Mode, Start in Safe Mode without Networking and Start in Safe Mode without (something else I can't remember). I tried clicked each one of these, and the Windows loading thing shows up, but then appears the dreaded blue screen of death again. The blue screen of death says to clean something I can't remember, I think it was the F drive. Honestly, I don't think I've ever heard of an F drive until this. After a little research, I think it is something with the College. Then the story takes another twist. She was using my computer today for a school paper, and tried signing into her school e-mail, her hotmail e-mail, and her Facebook. She tried logging in to each multiple times, but it wouldn't let her in. I've never had any problems with my computer so it's nothing on my end. I asked her if she knew the passwords were right, she said yes. And I believe her because I know she goes into each site multiple times a day. I'm dumbfounded. I have no idea what is wrong, and I have no idea how the hell it is even possible that she can't even log in on my computer. She asked others around school to and they aren't having any problems with their computers. These are computers from the school, so nothing special just IBM Thinkpads. They do have a computer Help Desk where they will fix problems, and she will be taking it there tomorrow obviously. But, does anybody have a clue WTF is going on with this?


02-09-2008 08:00:49

Sounds to my like the Hard Drive has failed. turn on the computer and put your head to where the drive is. do you hear any clicking or anything like that? By any chance did she use a flash drive? F drive may be assigned to her flash drive, I have seen some weird instances where if a flash drive dies on ya and is still in the computer that it causes issues where the system wont start.

when you get the BSOD, what is the error code at the bottom? google this as alot of times it will help point you to a certain direction. but to me it sounds like the Hard Drive.


02-09-2008 08:23:56

You could run a chkdsk /f on it if it lets you get that far. Paste more information on the blue screen, and we might be able to help.

The password thing sounds fishy. It shouldn't matter what machine you use to log in. Chance are she just forgot the password. Maybe the Thinkpad auto saved the passwords and she forgot what they were.