Bluetooth VOIP headset??

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20-08-2008 14:24:08

Can anyone recommend a good one?

Price isn't a problem, I'm looking for a bluetooth one so I don't have to have a huge base with it and it will be easy to travel with using my softconsole.


20-08-2008 14:45:11

I use the Plantronics Voyager 510 USB at work with my Nortel Softphone, and it will work simultaneously with your cellphone. It comes in a little cloth sack that fits easily in my laptop case. It includes a BlueTooth USB dongle, and a USB charging stand/cable. The headset itself is identical to the Voyager for cellphone use.



20-08-2008 14:58:59

yeah I saw that one was popular, I'll read into that model a bit )