Upgrading Processor - Stepping version?

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14-08-2008 13:40:34

I'm looking to upgrade a computer with a "new" processor. From Intel's Website[=http//processorfinder.intel.com/ListPrinterFriendly.aspx?CPUSPEED=6088&PROCNUM=0&CACHESIZE=5893&PACKAGETYPE=0&BUSSPEED=6107&PHYSICALCORE=0&STEPPING=0&MFT=0&SPECFEAT=4&ParentRadio=All&ProcFam=483&SearchKey]Intel's Website I've created a list of compatible processors. The difference between the 10 listed above are in the Stepping (the version of the processor).

In the real world, does the Stepping matter? If not, I can save some money by buying one of the older steppings, it appears.


14-08-2008 13:44:43

For average users, steppings don't matter. It's primarily of importance with serious enthusiasts who overclock their rigs. Certain steppings overclock better or run a bit cooler than others. And newer steppings are not always better or more expensive, in fact it is often the case that older steppings fetch a premium price because they O/C better but are no longer being made.

In rare cases, even stock performance can vary between steppings, but that's usually negligible enough to not be noticeable, especially to someone who isn't benchmarking to a high degree of precision. I think there have been very few cases where a new stepping fixed a CPU bug, but those bugs are so rare that I can't even think of a specific case off the top of my head, so you should be fine with any stepping.


14-08-2008 13:51:39

Damn deemo, did you have that post pre-written?

Thanks - that's very helpful, with the deal on 1GB Crucial PC3200 RAM[=http//www.fatwallet.com/forums/hot-deals/852530/]deal on 1GB Crucial PC3200 RAM I should have a much faster computer for about $70.


14-08-2008 14:23:59

licoughli go AMD licoughli


14-08-2008 18:22:23

[quote8e41f2485b="manOFice"]licoughli go AMD licoughli[/quote8e41f2485b]
No way I'd go AMD now, unless it was a cheap upgrade to an existing AMD system. Intel has had AMD solidly whipped in the price/performance category for the past 2-3 years. I was an AMD bigot for many years when they were on top, and I still own several AMD systems, but ever since Core Duo (and especially Core 2 Duo), Intel has mopped the floor with AMD.


14-08-2008 20:09:46

I'm upgrading an Intel motherboard, AMD's not an option. Plus, there are tons of 3.2Ghz HT P4s out there for $45. I don't think the same performance is available at the same pricepoint for AMD.