Youtube in BBCode on FiPG

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11-08-2008 17:39:56

Would that be hard to do? I think being able to put Youtube videos right into posts would be pretty cool. Dmorris - would a phpBB addon enabling it be too time consuming for you or not necessary? What does everyone think?


11-08-2008 18:14:22

You mean like this? P

No mods needed, I just had to add the necessary tags to the allowed HTML list.

HTML must be enabled in your profile, as well as for those who want to view it.

Any abuse of this will of course result in disabling the feature. Be nice.


11-08-2008 18:22:33

Yay thanks! I was trying to find a youtube "Thank You" video to post but I couldn't find one. lol


11-08-2008 18:26:33

This one would work


11-08-2008 18:28:53

Ah rickroll! He said not to abuse it. P