How to connect an I-Touch to Xbox 360.

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02-08-2008 18:58:10

I'm having trouble getting my new I-touch connected to my 360. I searched for the problem on the googles and learned that I needed to download an update from XBL, which I did. I still can't connect it though. When I plug it into the 360, it justs makes a funny noise and recharges.

Anyone know how I can fix this and listen to my delicious music?


03-08-2008 06:53:41

I-Touch? I'm going to assume you meant "iPod Touch"

Anyways, it seems it won't work on Xbox 360 because the iPod Touch uses a different file system than it's previous generation.

I believe you could use TVersity to act as a bridge from iPod Touch to Xbox 360. Don't quote me on that since I don't own an iPod Touch or an iPhone... I know you can do it with satellite radio (SIRIUS or XM). In fact, I just noticed that if you do a google search for "SIRIUS on Xbox 360", a tutorial I wrote on this forum is the first search result.. That was an interesting find. 8)

Anyways, try going to http// and thumb through their tutorial pages or ask around on their forums if there is any way to bridge an iPod Touch with TVersity so that the Xbox 360 will find your music.

I hope everything I said made sense, I just woke up... s